• If you have a design and layout all ready to go, but you're not sure if it will work with our printers, don't worry! We will make sure your design is print-ready with our machines.




  • If you have your text and images ready but you're not sure how to lay it out on the page, we'll gladly work with you to create something that looks beautiful and is print-ready.
  • Cost: $15 / hour.


Graphic Design


  • If you need help with creating a flyer, business cards or any other type of printed material, we can help design and build a project that is print-ready from the ground up.
  • Cost: $25 / hour




  • We always strive to work within your budget, so stop by, call us, or send a message through our contact form to get a quote.


Guide to printing/BOOKLETS


  • Learn how to set up your file or booklet properly through this link.